Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What Ever Happened to Secret Enterprise Band?

The Original Secret Enterprise Band 2010

A lot of people out there in the world have been wondering what ever happened to the SECRET ENTERPRISE band and I can tell you as one of the Founding Members, that I as well have been wondering what is really up with SE and will there be a future reunion of the Super Group.  If I had to answer off the top of my head, I would say "yes" for sure, but the actual mechanics of what that would take are somewhat complex.  

Obviously, Roberta "Kitten" Murdock has been replaced by Shirl Spencer. Shirl is playing keyboards and guitar now and being that she can play most of Robbi's keyboard parts, Wade Maddock was replaced by Robbi Spencer on Lead Guitar.  Clark Davenport was replaced by a hired gun on the drums and Brant Callahan was replaced by another hired gun on bass, so the band is almost completely revamped.  

The music of SE has always been amazing, but replacing many of the original members has increased the awesomeness of their sound in so many ways.  I think that there were some core issues with SE, most of which being that the band seemed to just muddle through the songs and they were just not passionate about playing the music.  That has all changed as SE was completely dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Saying Goodbye to California This Summer!

Though we will miss our friends in California, it is clear that we are supposed to be in Nevada, so we are absolutely moving this Summer for sure.  We thank God in advance for His amazing provisions that will not only equip us to kick the devil's butt, but it will save the lives of countless thousands.  It was always our plan to Merge with a larger label and upping our street cred, but it might end up working the other way around.

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Sunday, April 26, 2015


Remember, a record label can void your contract under the following conditions. Just to name a few.....

1. Your music isn't selling.

2. You don't up hold your end of the contract.(Concerts, gigs, photo-shoots, recordings, communications, etc.)

3. You're too difficult to work with.

4. Your bad behavior over rides your talent and/or sales.

5. Throwing false accusations at the record staff while being demanding and too difficult to work with or just causing more trouble than you're worth.

Remember, the record label gives you the opportunity, it is a privilege and not a right! If you're signed with Progressive Edge Records or ANY Record label, keep in mind that they're doing you a favor by taking the time and money it takes to record you, promote you, build websites and social networks.  So be grateful and don't abuse it!!!!

Just sayin.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Please Help Lance Snead Win This Mini Van!!!!!

Hey friends of Secret Enterprise & SE Studios!!!    Will you please help my friend Lance Snead aka Sir Lantz Magician & Balloon Artist win this new Mini Van.  He really deserves it and you could make such a difference by watching this video and supporting him on Facebook if you can.   Click here to go to the actual contest page and click on Lance Snead.   Thank you and God bless, Marty

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thank you for another wonderful year!

Hey SE peeps, I just want to thank you for another wonderful year!  There were so many amazing things that happened in 2014, just too much to list.  Without your love and support, none of this would be possible.  Also, without Shirl Spencer none of this would be possible.  SE Studios would be a drab and cold place, but thanks to Shirl it is warm and homey.  Thanks to Jesus, we have a place to spend eternity and that will be nice considering what a shithole this planet is.  We are very blessed here at SE and we just wanted to reach out to all of you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we pray that God richly blesses you, as He has done with us.  We will post on Christmas Eve, so stay tuned for our last post of the year, cause it will be a good one!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rare California Quake Puzzles USGS?

Could it be true?  Are Robbi's "Spidey Senses" in action here as we speak and will there be a 6.9+ shaker in the upper regions of California?  Will it be Ferndale?  Will it be Canyondam?  No one really knows....  Robbi only thinks that tonight late or early morning tomorrow, that there will be a surprise shift in Cali that will do some damage, but more importantly....  It wil shake loose the lower part of the Cascadia Fault Zone, which is a 600-mile long fault, that if this baby goes....   Seattle is TOAST!  Let's hope not though.  But many people have written about the dangers of the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

THE CURRENT DATE IS:  10/21/2014
THE TIME IS:  5:35pm PST

Just in case of the Rapture of the Church, Click Below for More Info:

Monday, September 29, 2014

Super by Erightsoft is a VIRUS!!!

When you install SUPER on your computer, you are installing a Trojan virus and many pieces of Malware that will need to be removed.  I do NOT recommend using Super any more.  If anyone here at SE recommended it at any point, then they were wrong, sorry Brant but you suck!!!!    lol

How to Remove OpenCandy Adware

When you purchase a computer; there are a number of programs that are pre-installed. You, as the user, could download and install other programs to bring new features to the system. These additional programs are referred to as third party programs, since they are not part of the original operating system. The one thing you have to make sure of when you download programs is that whether it is safe to use and run. Adware:Win32/OpenCandy is a type of adware program that comes with specific programs. Depending on the version of OpenCandy, your personal information may be sent over your connection. Adware’s are not safe and they should be removed as soon as they are found.

What Are the Open Candy Adware Symptoms?

There are several symptoms of Adware:Win32/OpenCandy, but the main one occurs on your core system. When you try to install a program, you will get pop-up’s asking you to purchase and install another program. On this offer, you will see a description that says powered by OpenCandy. If you see anything with the word OpenCandy, it is a sign that you have been affected with the Adware:Win32/OpenCandy. If you have a firewall up and running, you will get frequent messages telling you that there are numerous connections being made to opencandy.com related websites. These messages will pop-up on computers that have high risk settings. If you have set your profile to be low risk, you will not see the message.

What Does OpenCandy Adware Do?

Adware:Win32/OpenCandy is an adware program that uses bots and connection routers to collection information from your computer. The information is then sent over your connection to a third party. Depending on the information, the attackers will be able to use it for their own benefit. This is why it is important to not make any purchases or sign-ups on your computer, especially when you have been affected with Adware:Win32/OpenCandy.

What Applications Use OpenCandy?

* Credit to Cranial Soup for the listing. It is not necessarily comprehensive, so feel free to post feedback on other apps that use OpenCandy in the comments.
Any Video Converter
ATI Tray Tools
aTube Catcher
CDBurnerXP Pro
DarkWave Studio
Driver Sweeper
Duplicate Cleaner
DVDVideoSoft products
eRightSoft products,including Super
FL Studio
Free YouTube Downloader
Image Tuner
Media Info
Office 2010 Trial Extender
Orbit Downloader
PSP Video
Startup Manager
Super Simple Photo Resizer
Trillian Astra
True Burner

How Do You Get Rid of OpenCandy Adware?

You can easily prevent the adware from getting installed on your computer. First, you should always make sure that you have your firewall enabled. Once your firewall is up, make sure that your computer has been updated with the most recent update available. When downloading software’s and programs, always try to identify the manufacturer or creator. If the manufacturer detail shows no company name, you should be very cautious. By downloading illegal copyright files and folders, you risk being affected by unwanted adware files. To remove the adware, simply run an updated antivirus program and it will remove the Open Candy Adware.

MWD Notes Regarding OpenCandy

Similar to a lot of the apps labeled Adware by the major computer security companies or divisions (Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee, Avast, AVG, etc), the producers of the software argue that OpenCandy does not deserve the Adware label and is working with the security industry to correct the situation. Our policy on MWD is to use labels found on 2 or more major antivirus resource portals, but will approve all feedback or comments that are not attacking in nature from the software manufacturer on articles on this site. As with any computer software, end-users are advised to be leery of sharing too much personal information if not needed and to be judicious in what programs they download or install on personal or work computers.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Robbi Spencer's Newest Album Now available on iTunes!!

Robbi Spencer's Newest Album Now available on iTunes!! 



Songs Included on this Album
1  My Destiny
2  Skyward
3  Rejected
4  Falling
5  Fallen
6  You Shine
7  The Warning
8  A Dream Away
9  Hiding from God
10 Hope for Tomorrow
11 Take My Breath Away
12 We Are the Light
13 I've Been Waiting
14 God's Love 

Friday, September 5, 2014

SE Studios Beats The Brakes Off The Competition!!

We had a pow wow with the label execs yesterday and we got high marks for managing to not only stay in business, but in actually putting several studios in town out of business. Let me tell you folks, they are dropping like flies! Nothing that we really did to harm them, we are just staying true to God and our art. One studio in town thought they would be funny and steal website work away from me and they are not only out of business now, but yesterday I went into Google Webmaster Tools and physically removed them from Google's search index, meaning you will NEVER find them in a Google search when looking for "recording studios in grass valley". I am just wondering who will attempt to take on the Robman next? I say, "Bring It!", cause I will not be bullied or pushed around by ANYONE, especially people in the music industry and more so, people in my home town. Because of the Lord Jesus Christ, SE Studios is on top where WE belong! Now, your thoughts on Robbi Spencer putting people out of business? P.S. Making people successful and putting people out of business is kind of what I do for a living. Is that wrong?